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What Should Everyone Know About Accounting?

Guest Post  by:  John Calamarius  is  a US expat living in Indonesia. He is currently teaching accountancy at the University of Bandung and loves sharing tips and advice with online communities. Accounting can seem to the uninitiated as something of an arcane art, a box of financial wizardry that is impenetrable to most of us but [...]

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Making the Business Case for SOC 2 Reports

The idea of the “extended enterprise” has become the norm in the corporate world. That is, your typical company now has dozens, if not hundreds, of external partners connected to the corporate network: suppliers, distributors, customers, etc. These partners may have access to the firm’s most critical financial data which, of course, can pose a [...]

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What Do the Most Profitable Small Businesses Have in Common

  Best-practices consulting is a field of consulting that looks at the most innovative firms in a given industry and extracts takeaways that other companies can use to improve their operations. It’s a form of business benchmarking in the sense that many of the takeaways involve management techniques and strategic goals rather than pure data-driven comparisons. All [...]

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