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Is Your Cash Flow Healthy for Black Friday?

We’re a few months away from Black Friday, which is the biggest day in retail business. And you don’t need to be an MBA to know that the concept of Black Friday is perhaps the best illustration of how effective financial planning can either make or break your small business. It’s also the day in which [...]

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How Poor Financial Planning Can Doom Your Small Business

    There’s an old adage is that good news doesn’t sell newspapers. And whether or not it’s true, it’s a depressing premise either way. So with that in mind, we like to occasionally highlight good news – after all, we don’t have newspapers to sell – because despite what the media may tell you, [...]

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How Much Time Do We Have?

Did you know one average we spend 1.3 years commuting? I am sure people who spend most of their lives in a metropolitan like Washington DC, this number is probably way higher. I guess, it is not as bad as spending a third of our living years sleeping (or maybe it is). For us, we [...]

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Why Is It So Hard To Find Good Accounting Help?

A recent studies show that the dearth of qualified employees is reaching alarming proportions. Take this study from Manpower, which found that for the third year in a row, “Accounting and Finance” were cited by respondents as the “hardest jobs to fill.”  Now these reasons probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you.The main problem [...]

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Taxes: Where Money Meets Power (Infographic)

Note: All material published in Reckenen Blog represents the opinions of the authors and does not reflect the opinions of Reckenen Inc, the Editors, or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated. No taxation without representation is a mantra that has been meant to guide the United States Tax system since its inception. However, a brief [...]

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