How To Set Up Quickbooks For Multiple Users

accountingOne of the many features of Quickbooks is the ability for multiple users to log in and work on the same account. This is done so medium and large-sized businesses can perform accounting work faster and more efficiently. Instead of limiting its use to just a single individual, multiple accountants and employees can log in to perform work. Here we’ll take a look at how to set up a Quickbooks account for multiple users, and we’ll reveal what type of Quickbooks come standard with this attractive feature.

Choosing The Right Quickbooks

There are several different types of Quickbooks available to suit any size and type of business. However, only a few of them come standard with the multiple user feature. If you intend on having multiple users log in and perform accounting work on your Quickbooks account, you’ll need to choose the right version. So, which type comes with this attractive feature? Quickbooks Online Essentials allows for 3 additional users at no extra cost. Quickbooks Online Essentials runs for only $12.95/month, so it’s an inexpensive choice for those looking to add multiple users on their account.

Quickbooks Online Plus offers 5 additional users to the account. However, this version is also slightly more expensive at $39.95/month. If you wish to add more than 5 users on your account, you can add more for an additional cost. Decide how many people you intend on using you Quickbooks account and then choose the version that’s right for you.

Setting Up Multiple Users

Once you’ve installed a version of Quickbooks that allows for multiple users, you’ll then need to set it up. Go ahead and fire up your Quickbooks account and then select File – Utilities – and Host Multi-User Access. This essentially turns the feature on, but you’ll still need to configure each and every user that’s going to access the account.

The next step is to go back to the company menu and select “Set Up Users and Passwords,” followed by clicking on “Set Up Users.” Click on “Add User” and follow the given instructions. You’ll need to choose a name and password for each user you wish to give access to. After going through the basic setup procedure, you will then be asked to choose whether to give the user full or partial access to the Quickbooks account. This feature allows you to limit parts of the account for various users. This is extremely useful if you don’t want certain users seeing or accessing sensitive business data.

The last step in the process of adding multiple users to a Quickbooks account is to review and confirm the changes. The final screen during the setup will reveal all of the changes you’ve made and ask you to confirm them. Carefully go over all of the details to ensure everything is correct. Remember to write down the user names and passwords for each additional Quickbooks user. After confirming this information, those users should now be able to log in and make changes of their own.

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