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Case Study: The Challenges of Running a Retail Business: Accounting, Inventory, Financial Forecasting…

Case Study of a Retail Powersports Dealership:  It is a disheartening fact, but Harvard Business School reports that 75% of new business startups fail within four years. Depending on the Industry, failure rates climb to over 95% (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate). 1 Categorization: Industry: Retail, Category: Automobile Dealers, Sub-Category: Motorcycle & Powersports Dealerships Company profile: Beasley Motor Co., [...]

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Top Five Benefits of Using a Collaborative CFO

Large, well-established companies can usually afford to have a full-time corporate financial officer (CFO) on staff. Though smaller companies require the financial expertise of a CFO, small to mid-sized businesses usually cannot afford the salary required to retain one in-house. A collaborative CFO, hired part-time through collaborative accounting services provides an affordable option. So, small [...]

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10 Ways to Safeguard Your Business Against Fraud

The convenience of today’s technology has unfortunately opened up countless new avenues for fraud. Many small to medium sized business owners might believe their business accounts and assets to be safe. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, however, smaller businesses typically employ fewer protections against fraud and, as a result, suffer the greatest comparable [...]

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Bookkeeping Fraud: Schemes, Signs and Impact

  Bookkeeping fraud can have a significant impact on a business’s profits. The most common victims of bookkeeping fraud are companies with less than 100 employees, as these companies often lack the accounting control measures needed to prevent fraud. Because these businesses are so small, bookkeeping fraud can bring them to their knees. For this [...]

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How Poor Financial Planning Can Doom Your Small Business

    There’s an old adage is that good news doesn’t sell newspapers. And whether or not it’s true, it’s a depressing premise either way. So with that in mind, we like to occasionally highlight good news – after all, we don’t have newspapers to sell – because despite what the media may tell you, [...]

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Why Is It So Hard To Find Good Accounting Help?

A recent studies show that the dearth of qualified employees is reaching alarming proportions. Take this study from Manpower, which found that for the third year in a row, “Accounting and Finance” were cited by respondents as the “hardest jobs to fill.”  Now these reasons probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you.The main problem [...]

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What Should Everyone Know About Accounting?

Guest Post  by:  John Calamarius  is  a US expat living in Indonesia. He is currently teaching accountancy at the University of Bandung and loves sharing tips and advice with online communities. Accounting can seem to the uninitiated as something of an arcane art, a box of financial wizardry that is impenetrable to most of us but [...]

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What Do the Most Profitable Small Businesses Have in Common

  Best-practices consulting is a field of consulting that looks at the most innovative firms in a given industry and extracts takeaways that other companies can use to improve their operations. It’s a form of business benchmarking in the sense that many of the takeaways involve management techniques and strategic goals rather than pure data-driven comparisons. All [...]

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From Local to Global – Planning Your Financial Future

Politicians love to wax rhapsodic about how various economic crises could have been anticipated and prevented. While this may be true on some levels, predicting the ups and downs of money, especially in our increasingly globalized world, is a lot more difficult than it seems. Economic modeling on a global scale is destined to be relatively [...]

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