Outsourcing your accounting can save you 40% of the cost of hiring in-house bookkeeper.

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Bookkeeping Features: Billing & Expense

billing expense invoices


We provide faster and easier invoicing - done for you by mail or email.

billing expense reports

Payment Reminders

We send automatic payment reminders.


Getting Paid

We will set up your customers to pay by check, bank draft, credit card or Paypal.

There aren’t too many things more important than billing and collecting from your clients. Reckenen ensures your invoices get out and are paid in a timely fashion.

As your accounting partner, we are focused on speeding up your invoicing and collections process. Our services typically result in two to three times faster payments from your customers.

1 Р Through our paperless process, we can send your invoices via email or regular mail. This eliminates the hassle of printing, postage and mailing of your invoices by you or your employees.

2 – We can help you send reminders to your customers a few days before payment is due. We can also send follow-up reminders to your customers with an automatic series of messages.

3 – We can set your business up for online payments by credit card, bank draft or Paypal in addition to sending paper checks. Additionally, we can set up your customers for auto-pay. This typically reduces your collection time.



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