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Bookkeeping Feature: Fraud Protection

security fraud protection


All Reckenen employees are heavily screened and background checked. Your data is securely processed in compliance with industry standards.

fraud monitoring

Fraud Monitoring

We monitor key fraud indicators, making it much more likely to be exposed.

reckenen trust


Reckenen is trusted by Inc 500 companies, government contractors and non-profits.

Employee embezzlement is a real worry. More than 20 percent of businesses fall victim to fraud. Segregation of duties and proactive reconciliations are key in the prevention of fraud committed by loan-wolf employees.


The smaller the size of the company, the bigger the damage the thefts cause to the business, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. In a comprehensive study covering almost 1,000 workplaces nationwide, they noted that on average, small businesses incurred losses of $200,000, higher than that for large-sized corporations.

Small-business owners are often unable to detect fraudulent activity for months or many years in some cases. Some even fail to take simple measures to safeguard themselves against embezzlement. At Reckenen, we strive to minimize fraud with our team of bookkeepers, managers and a controller following rigorous procedural guidelines. We implement procedures to minimize risk of fraud. We compare and review canceled checks, study audit trail reports, lock down past periods and watch for warning signs.

All Reckenen employees are thoroughly screened and background checked, and because they work in teams with segregation of duties, fraud can be prevented and/or detected in a timely manner.

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