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Bookkeeping Feature: Time Tracking

billing and expense

Time Tracking

Our process ensures online time tracking and timesheet approval.


Expense Tracking

We provide online expense reporting by your employees.

payroll integration

Integration with payroll

Online time and expense tracking seamlessly integrates with payroll.

Allocating labor costs against clients, projects, employees, services or products allows you to really understand how to increase profitability.

For service business, “Job Costing” or  “Labor Allocation” is one of the most important financial reporting tools at your disposal. If you are able to track employee time, we can produce job costing reports that will help you understand which projects, clients,  or services are most profitable. Imagine being able to find out if a certain client is just not worth keeping. Or a service you provide actually costs you more than you make. Or that one employee is half as productive as another. These kind of insights allow you to continually monitor and move your entire operation towards increased profitability.

Reckenen can work with any time tracking system, inside or outside of your accounting system. If possible, we will integrate your time tracking systems with your payroll and produce customer/job costing reports.

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