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Why Is It So Hard To Find Good Accounting Help?

A recent studies show that the dearth of qualified employees is reaching alarming proportions. Take this study from Manpower, which found that for the third year in a row, “Accounting and Finance” were cited by respondents as the “hardest jobs to fill.”  Now these reasons probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you.The main problem [...]

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From Local to Global – Planning Your Financial Future

Politicians love to wax rhapsodic about how various economic crises could have been anticipated and prevented. While this may be true on some levels, predicting the ups and downs of money, especially in our increasingly globalized world, is a lot more difficult than it seems. Economic modeling on a global scale is destined to be relatively [...]

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Common Bookkeeping and Accounting Myths – Part III

Myth: It Takes Too Much Time to Set Goals: No it doesn’t. If you want to be successful, you have to set goals and then track your progress against those goals. Any company you have ever known, read about, or been involved in has used goal-setting as an important part of running their business. No [...]

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Common Bookkeeping and Accounting Myths – Part II

Myth: Small Businesses Don’t Need Bookkeeping at First: Or as we like to call it, “I do not have to learn to swim, unless I am drowning”. Many small business owners are very busy trying to growth their businesses. They are spending so much time trying to keep everything going, developing products, customer service and [...]

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Common Bookkeeping and Accounting Myths – Part I

Myth: Bookkeeping is Just Glorified Math: Well no. Sure you use math in accounting and bookkeeping, but so do sales people, marketers, software developers, bakers, hotel managers, and on and on and on. Basically any one that has a job uses math – even if it is just for figuring out how much they are [...]

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Bookkeeping Mistakes Small Businesses Make (Part I)

Your business is up and running. Product development has been completed and marketing strategy has been decided up and had your roll out has started. You are already beginning to see sales coming in – things are looking great. How’s your bookkeeping? If you are like most entrepreneurs, bookkeeping ranks really low on your list [...]

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