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Tax Services

Reckenen provides tax services to small businesses focusing on non-profits and government contractors.


We provide outsourced accounting & controller services to small businesses, including:


We provide Service Organization Control reports, SSAE16/SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 attestations:

Small Businesses can take a step forward with Collaborative Outsourced Accounting services.

Starting a company involves more than just creating and product or service that customers want. It also entails keeping up with the business’s financial aspects. From operating plan development to back office invoicing, you need someone with the financial know-how to keep your accounting operations running smoothly.

What is Collaborative Accounting?

Collaborative accounting services provides full-service accounting and finance services to businesses while working with your business teams to create synergies that go beyond just accounting. This hybrid-outsourcing solution tailors finance and accounting services specifically to your business needs as the back office work and CFO advisory functions becomes shared between your in-house assets and the outsourced company.

This unique collaboration goes beyond merely keeping the accounts receivable and payment invoicing functions running smoothly. Collaborative accounting with a third-party service provider allows this full accounting team to work closely with your sales and marketing staff to understand your business model and initiatives.

Accounting data becomes collected and analyzed to help with operational functions, compliance standards and other finance-related work to improve your business and stimulate growth. It offers flexibility and cost-effective savings for your in-house department as the outsourced services provides value-added solutions throughout your business.


An Entrepreneur’s Accounting Department

We provide services to entrepreneurs and small businesses and non-profits. We serve as value-added partners to complement the hard work our clients put in to grow their businesses.


Recognize with Reckenen

Outsourcing your accounting functions to third-party service providers such as Reckenen Inc. offer more than cost-savings, on-time-delivery and standardization of operations. It now brings tailored services specific to your business and industry through Collaborative Accounting solutions.


Passion with Purpose

We are passionate about accounting and compliance and get excited about helping our clients succeed. Our team of CPAs and entrepreneurs  feel passionate about understanding different businesses and finding creative ways to drive growth. We take accounting and compliance beyond  books to maximize your business’s potential of success.


Washington DC Metro Area

Reckenen serves clients nationwide in the United States. Our local offices are located in the Washington DC metro area serving Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland.

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